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WE'VE SOLD OVER 175 NNN PROPERTIES WORTH IN EXCESS OF $450,000,000+ since 2008. We know the NNN market can be challenging to find available properties that fit your needs, especially for 1031 investors with limited time, which is why it's important to choose a Broker that is not only experienced but in tune with today's changing market.

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Property Type City State Cap Rate Price Status
NNN Walgreens Houston TX 5.00% $4,750,000 Available
NNN Walgreens Arizona AZ 5.00% $5,500,000 Available
NNN Walgreens Seattle area WA 5.00% $5,500,000 Available
NNN Walgreens Charlotte NC 5.00% $7,450,000 Contract
NNN Walgreens North Carolina NC 5.00% $6,400,000 Available
NNN Walgreens Brooklyn NY 4.50% $11,520,000 Available
NNN Walgreens Staten Island NY 4.75% $12,500,000 Available
NNN Walgreens Florida FL 5.00% $6,950,000 Available
NNN Walgreens Orlando FL 5.00% $7,500,000 Available
NNN Walgreens Ohio OH 5.25% $5,500,000 Available
NNN Walgreens California CA 4.75% $7,750,000 Available
NNN CVS Ground Lease Florida FL 4.50% $3,650,000 Contract
NNN CVS Florida FL 5.10% $6,000,000 Available
NNN Corporate Taco Bell Tampa Fl 6.00% $733,650 Sold
NNN Corporate IHOP Atlanta GA 6.70% $933,851 Sold
NNN Starbucks Multi Locations   5.50% $1,000,000 Available
NNN Arby′s Corporate Multi Locations   6.55% $1,500,000 Available

What is a NNN Lease?

In a triple-net lease (NNN), the tenant pays all the operating expenses, property taxes, utilities, insurance premiums, maintenance and repairs. The landlord gets to collect monthly net rental income just as he or she would with a traditional real estate investment. Such a lease usually extends over the long term, with a financially strong corporate entity guaranteeing a lease anywhere from 10-25 years.


Wendy’s is your tenant for a guaranteed 20-year period. The tenant is responsible for all costs to operate and maintain the property, this is sometimes referred to as an “absolute” Triple-Net lease because the only management required is paying the mortgage (if there is one) and receiving the rent checks. Triple-Net lease ownership is great for first-time real estate investors as well as for long time investors seeking purchase or trade into less complicated real estate investments. In many cases, when the lease expires, you will own the property free and clear.

The price range for a NNN lease property is generally between $1 million - $7 million. The fast food restaurants and auto stores and are the most affordable, while drugstores are on the higher end. Big box retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Publix can bring from $15 million to $25 million.